School ADvance Partnerships

Partners of School ADvance have included members of the Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA) and Michigan ASCD staffs, practicing school leaders, higher education faculty in school leader preparation, members of the Michigan Assocation of School Boards (MASB),  Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP), Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Associations (MEMSPA), and both in- and out-of-state sources in educator evaluation.

Thanks to partnerships with several online management system providers, School ADvance tools and documents can be easily adopted without changing the way districts track, manage, store and communicate evaluation data in districts that are using three of the four teacher evaluation systems recommended by the Michigan Council for Educator Effectiveness (MCEE). 

Five-Star Technology Solution's Pivot Evaluations support team can be reached at ~ 812.246.5257

StandardforSuccess (paired with The Thoughtful Classroom by Silver Strong & Associates) ~ Contact Todd Whitlock, CEO Standard For Success ~ ~ 844-737-3825

Frontline Education (exclusive partner for Danielson 2013 Evaluation Instrument for Teaching) Contact Marilyn Numan ~ ~  248-821-1616 

iObservation, (paired with Marzano's Teacher Evaluation) ~ Contact Beth Carr ~ Senior Director of District Partnerships ~ ~ 717-818-3973