A full range of School ADvance evaluation tools can assist building leaders, district leaders, and boards of education in answering the three important questions regarding their own work:

  • Where am I right now in my learning and performance?
  • Where should I focus next to learn, grow, and improve?
  • How should I proceed to reach that next level of performance?

The School ADvance Evaluation System offers this comprehensive set of components that help drive improved administrative leadership for improved teaching and student results:

  • Formative performance rubrics to help administrators continually self-assess and improve their leadership skills using explicit descriptors of their practice
  • Summative performance rubrics and scoring guides for administrator evaluations that comply with State requirements 
  • Results standards for addressing student growth components
  • Guides, protocols, and practices to facilitate implementation
  • Training & support in implementing the System and using it to promote learning and growth

School ADvance tools can be used in paper form, or can be incorporated into online management systems, which can facilitate and enrich the annual evaluation process for all educators.

The School ADvance tools are available in four online management system, which include Five Star PIVOT, StandardsForSuccess, iObservation, and Frontline.