What is GrowthPLUS?

GrowthPLUS is a system of resources and tools to help practicing school leaders shape adaptive, growth-focused processes in their schools and school districts. GrowthPLUS resources and tools are appropriate for schools using any State-approved system(s) for teacher and administrator evaluation, but are designed to work especially well in districts using the School ADvance performance assessment and development tools. 

GrowthPLUS offers a fully integrated and research-based framework for continuous growth and renewal of school programs and services to students.  GrowthPLUS tools and resources are grounded in the principles of adaptive and appreciative leadership and offer school leaders a growth mindset approach to shaping and leading change processes in their schools. GrowthPLUS resources and tools are available for preview at no cost.  School leaders are welcome to download and examine them with their leadership teams, but they may not be altered, duplicated or used without proper attribution.  Additionally, GrowthPLUS resources and tools are not to be rebranded or distributed without the express permission of the authors.

The School ADvance authors and their associates are in the process of vetting and preparing GrowthPLUS resources and tools for access on this site.  Please check back regularly to see what is new.   For more information regarding how to receive training and support for using GrowthPLUS resources and tools, please contact us at sshriver@gomasa.org.