Training for Superintendents and School Boards

School ADvance Superintendent Evaluation

Initial School Board and Superintendent Training 

School ADvance now offers only one option for boards and superintendents to complete the training required under Michigan statute for learning how to conduct the superintendent performance review and evaluation. This option provides the board and superintendent what they need to implement the School ADvance performance review and evaluation system with fidelity. With this training, the superintendent (or superintendent and board president) complete(s) one workshop with a School ADvance trainer to prepare for the full board training where the full board participates in one 4-hour training session.

This training utilizes the district strategic plan or district improvement plan with long-term goals and strategies identified. School ADvance holds one 2-3 hour workshop for the superintendent (or superintendent and board president together) to prepare for the full board workshop. Once the work of the first workshop is complete and accepted by the full board, we conduct a 4-hour workshop for the whole board and superintendent as described below:

First Workshop:  We work with the superintendent (or superintendent with the board president) to do a brief orientation to the School ADvance system and process in order to (a) create a status report on progress with the district strategic and/or improvement plan(s) through the previous evaluation cycle; (b) develop recommendations for superintendent goals and strategies (SMART Goals and strategies based on the district long-term goals and strategies) for the new evaluation cycle; and (c) develop recommendations for the superintendent’s process of providing evidence and status reports on the work throughout the evaluation cycle. After this workshop, we recommend that the full board review and either approve or revise and approve the above SMART Goals, strategies and reporting recommendations as the foundation for the new evaluation cycle.

Second Workshop:  We work with the full board and superintendent to introduce the board to the School ADvance Performance Review (Evaluation) System, Tools, and process. We assist the board and superintendent in matching the board approved superintendent’s goals, strategies, and work plan for the new evaluation cycle to the elements in the School ADvance evaluation instrument. We also assist the Board and Superintendent in determining (a) what evidence of the work the Superintendent will provide throughout the evaluation cycle; (b) how the Superintendent will keep the Board informed on the progress of the work and receive ongoing feedback from the Board; and (c) how the Board and Superintendent prepare for and conduct the summative evaluation for the cycle.

This training works when boards and superintendents have already established a process of working together to convert long-term district goals and strategies to annual superintendent goals and strategies. This also works best for districts that have well-established strategic plans that already drive board and superintendent annual work goals and strategies.

School ADvance Superintendent Evaluation Options for Additional School Board and Superintendent Workshops

In addition to the initial training on the School ADvance Performance Review and Evaluation System, we also offer a menu of additional facilitated workshops to assist boards and superintendents in achieving high fidelity implementation and good results with our performance review and development system.  The following provides a brief catalog of School ADvance workshops and facilitations:

Developing District Success Models Workshop: This facilitated workshop focuses on helping board members and superintendents unpack the district mission, vision, and goals to isolate success indicators and determine which of those indicators the board will monitor on an ongoing basis.

Facilitated Mid-Year or Year-End Summative Evaluation Workshop: This facilitated workshop provides boards and superintendents a facilitated experience conducting either a mid-year interim or year-end summative evaluation in order to assist with the conduct of the consensus rating process.

Developing High Impact SMART Goals Workshop: This workshop provides the board and superintendent additional facilitated practice with the process of converting long-term goals and strategies to annual SMART goals and strategies.

Boards and superintendents are also welcome to suggest other workshop focus areas to assist districts in achieving optimal benefit from their performance assessment, feedback, and development processes.

Please contact Sara Shriver at the Michigan Association of Superintendents & Administrators (MASA), for more information or to request a workshop.