Training for Administrators

School ADvance Basic Training for Administrators

  • A two-day (12-hour) hands-on workshop for all building and district administrators
  • Offered at MASA offices in Lansing OR at regional host sites
  • Includes all meals, materials and web-based refresher modules
  • 12 SCECHs available
  • Flexible formats: two-day OR one evening and one day

School ADvance Basic Training is meant to be done with the entire administrative team, since they will be active participants in their own evaluation. The two days are actually a facilitated work session with your team in which you will take significant steps toward your first-year implementation. Participants should bring a laptop computer with a USB port (if possible).  For district teams, it works just fine to have one computer shared by two people (no more than two to a computer please). The trainings have the greatest value for administrators who have:

  • Reviewed their current goals: district/building/personal growth goals.
  • Identified  in advance two or three priority goals for the first year.
  • Reviewed the School ADvance Rubrics (Principal rubrics for building leaders; District Administrator rubrics for central office/superintendent leaders. (Rubrics are available at

Participants will:

  • Receive updates on current State law and policy
  • Learn how district, school, and program goals can drive educator evaluation
  • Develop a district implementation plan and timeline
  • Become oriented to the School ADvance evaluation tools (e.g., rubrics, processes, and protocols)
  • Begin to align and adapt rubrics to specific job responsibilities
  • Receive guidance on weighting according to goals and priorities
  • Explore how to identify, collect, and verify evidence of performance
  • Develop a summative profile and rating
  • Support a formative evaluation process and growth plan
  • Discuss ways to build a local growth model
  • Explore options for digitally management and system development


Ongoing Support and Capacity Building

School ADvance Implementation Network

GrowthPLUS System Design and Support